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Pasillo motorizado Speed Style ProBP

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Lujoso pasillo con bipartición, diseñado con mueble elíptico y hojas en material acrílico. Compatible con sistemas lectores de tarjetas y dispositivos de código o biométricos.

·Operación automática
·Paso en ambas direcciones
·Con control electrónico
·Colores alternativos
·Acabados y diseño opcionales
·Velocidad de paso: 40/min.(Lector de proximidad)

Ficha Técnica
Unit Dimensions: Casework Length (Normally Closed) 1448mm
(Normally Open) 1932mm
Casework Height 950mm
Casework Width 300mm
Clear Walkway 550mm
Drive: Motorised
Materials: Top: Painted Polyurethane finished
Front: Painted Polyurethane finished
Standard Finish: Cobalt blue, metallic grey or full stainless steel construction.
Wing Housing: Painted Steel finished to match Top and Front
Inlay: 304 grade grained Stainless Steel
Wings: 15mm clear Acrylic
Side Doors: Cobalt Grey 8.5mm 3 ply laminate safety glass
Plinth: 304 grade grained Stainless Steel
Function: Passage in both directions electronically controlled.
The SpeedStile is available in Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C)
mode. In N/O the SpeedStile provides an always open walkway in rest position
and will only close at unauthorised entry or tailgating attempts. This gives
increased MTBF times.
In N/C the SpeedStile provides a closed walkway and will only open on acceptance
of an authorised signal.
Drive Mechanism: The wings are moved by mechanical arms. The arms are rotated by a torque shaft
connected to the drive unit. The drive unit is a DC motor working in conjunction
with a bi-directional encoder. A microprocessor control system guarantees the
precise movement and positioning of the wings.
A safety photocell prevents the wings from closing on an obstruction. Should the
normal wing operation be stopped by an obstruction, the controlling logic detects
an abnormal condition and reverses the wing to the fully open position.
Method of On receiving a signal from the access control system, or push button, the wings
Operation: open. If an unauthorised person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the
opposite direction, the system detects the unauthorised passage and activates the
in-built alarm system.
Presence sensing is achieved by 6 No. infrared sensors for the short cabinet (N/C)
and 14 No. for the long cabinet (either N/C or N/O)
Status Lights: 50mm dia. LED display Status Lights flush mounted within the SpeedStile lid top
face. The Green badge symbol is continuously illuminated indicating passage is
available. Upon authorisation a Green arrow will illuminate in the direction of
passage authorisation whilst in the opposite direction a Red cross symbol will
illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for use or is already in use.
Power Failure: In the event of a power failure the wings will remain in the current position
Fire Alarm: Input facility is available for voltage free contact supplied by others to effect fail
Interface: Potential free contact provided by either cardreader or pushbutton input.
Cardreader inhibit and reset outputs signals are available as standard.
The unit has an adjustable time out facility if required, i.e. Go signal will be
cancelled if the passage through the SpeedStile is not completed within a pre-set
time. The Standard default is 8 seconds adjustable via parameter change.

Power Supply: 115/230 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
Power Rating: Stand by 10 VA
In operation 300 VA
Logic Voltage: 24 Volt DC